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As clinic director’s, chiropractors Dr. Ben Lawrance and Dr. Jacqui Gaibor and associate practitioner, Dr. Harry Fang believe that in order to provide rapid recovery of musculoskeletal complaints it is necessary that both muscular and skeletal factors are addressed. Therefore, we use a combination of spinal manipulation, massage, soft tissue mobilization, postural alignment, dry needling or anatomical acupuncture, active muscle release and stretching in conjunction with client education to deliver faster and more sustained recovery.

Benefits of Chiropractic

Whilst chiropractic offers an extremely safe and effective treatment to back pain, headaches, peripheral joint complaints and nerve impingement syndromes, there are other benefits gained from receiving chiropractic treatment.

Some of the other benefits of chiropractic include:

1. Greater flexibility, strength and muscle co-ordination

2. Improved posture

3. Reduced spinal degeneration

4. Greater energy and vitality

5. Higher productivity and performance


Dr Ben Lawrance
(B.Sc., M.Chir.)

Dr Jacqui Gaibor

(B.Med.Sc., M.Chir., Dip.Nutr., Dip.Bot.Med.)

Dr Harry Fang


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