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Jacqui Gaibor

Dr Jacqui Gaibor - Chiropractor and Herbalist

(B.Med.Sc., M.Chir., Dip.Nutr., Dip.Bot.Med.)

With a background in medical science, Jacqui is dedicated to promoting natural medicine treatments based upon a foundation of science and evidence. You may consult Jacqui with a specific health concern, may wish to review appropriate natural medicine supplementation or simply be looking for advice and recommendations to enhance vitality and wellbeing.

As director of the Natural Skin & Psoriasis Clinic, Jacqui specialises in the non-drug based treatment of chronic, inflammatory skin conditions through the use of individually prescribed topical preparations, dietary modification, nutritional and botanical medicines.  For more information, please visit www.brisbanepsoriasis.com.au

As a chiropractor and complementary medicine practitioner, Jacqui enjoys providing cutomised treatment plans that focus on the restoration of spinal health and the maintenance of general wellbeing through the use of optimal nutrition and targeted nutrient and botanical medicine supplementation.

Special areas of interest include:

• The treatment of musculoskeletal conditions with nutrients and herbal medicines

• Supporting a strong immune system through natural medicines

• Natural medicines for digestive and metabolic problems

• Non- drug based management of chronic skin conditions

• Anti-ageing nutrients


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2 Pittwin Rd Nth,

Capalaba Qld 4157

Phone:  (07) 3245 4177